What people are saying about Boykin Creative:

An online gallery tour has provided a way for everyone to visit our monthly art exhibition, even after the show is no longer hanging in the gallery. Especially during the pandemic, the virtual tours have provided a way for those staying safe at home to celebrate art, continue to enjoy a version of the popular Art Walk each month, and find a piece of original artwork to add to, or start, their collection. Beyond the current need for the virtual tours, they are a great tool in regards to accessibility and getting our brand out to new visitors who may have never been able to come to the gallery in person. Everyone can now visit our gallery, 24/7, thanks to the immersive nature of the virtual tours. We had a number of new collectors in recent months purchase artwork from across the country thanks to the virtual tours, and have had many visitors and collectors express their appreciation for the ability to enjoy the new show each month, and in particular our artists have been incredibly grateful for the ability to show their artwork to so many visitors, now more than ever. We’re grateful for the way that Boykin Creative captures each tour, working hard to make sure that everything looks just right for each show.

Stokes O'Shields, The Loft, Marietta